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Cinematographer: BILL BENNETT, ASC

This Audi TV commercial was shot with a special version of the Arri Alexa camera that is only sensitive to light in the infrared part of the spectrum, with wavelengths longer than 800 nanometers.The images were recorded to a Codex on-board recorder in the ArriRaw format. They were then converted using a special version of the Arri Raw Converter software, optimized for the monochrome infrared images. The lens was an Angenieux Optimo 17-80mm zoom, as well as a Zeiss 12mm UltraPrime.


The location was Inyokern Airport, with many thanks to General Manager Scott Seymour. Support for the IR Alexa came from Arri, Burbank and Fred Molina. Bill Bennett, ASC was the Cinematographer. Michael Rodriguez was the Producer. Ryan Correll was the Editor. Robin Charters was the First Camera Assistant. Jon and Marshall Chabot provided the most excellent Porsche Panamera high speed arm car from their company Chase Car, Inc. fitted with the Scorpio arm and head. Gilbert Alvarado was the Scorpio head tech. Flynn Baglin did the excellent precision driving of the Audi A6. Katherine Beer was both the DIT and actress. 



Editing and Color was done with Final Cut Pro 7, Music: Pavel Dovgal 'Andromeda' (Cassiopeia - Project: Mooncircle, 2010)


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