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ARRI ALEXA LF - Motocross

This short film was shot to demonstrate the Arri Alexa LF large format digital cinema camera and the Signature Prime lenses. It was Directed and Photographed by Bill Bennett, ASC, and features Dalton Shirey (in red) & Chance Fullerton as the motocross riders. The frame-rate during cinematography ranged from 90 to 150 frames per second, with the camera running in 4.5k mode, recording in uncompressed, unencrypted ArriRaw. It was shot at the LACR MX Motocross Track, east of Palmdale, CA. Besides the Signature Primes, an Angenieux Optimo 24-290mm Zoom, fitted with a 2x Extender, and Nikkor 300mm T2.0 lenses were used, in combination with the PL to LPL adapter.



Director-Cameraman: Bill Bennett. ASC

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