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Bill Bennett, ASC was the Cinematographer of this commercial for Dodge. Terry Windell of Boss Films was the Director.  The spot is a combination of motion-control 35mm film cinematography of the automobiles and trucks, and CGI transition elements between the vehicles. The spot was significant, because without any prior planning, it became the first spot ever that had a completely CGI automobile in it. Even though we had photographed the Dodge Viper, the car we shot had white racing stripes painted on it. After we had shot the spot, and during post production, the client decided that they would not sell the car with racing stripes. Boss Films, who was doing the post production, found that it was easier to replicate the entire car in the CGI world, than try to remove the stripes. The car motion-control cinematography was done in one of the Hughes Aircraft hangars in Playa Vista, where his company constructed the Hughes H-4 Hercules Flying Boat, called the "Spruce Goose"

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