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This video was shot by cinematographer Bill Bennett, ASC at the request of Apple Computer, to make a demonstration piece for the National Association of Broadcaster's (NAB) convention. The Director was Christopher Coppola of Ears XXI.


This piece was shot primarily with a Grass Valley / Thompson "Viper" camera, recording RAW data from the sensor to an s-Two recorder. The inserts of hands and feet controlling the bike in motion where shot with a Panasonic HVX-200 P2 camera. 


The aerials were shot with a Sony 1500 camera, mounted in a Gyron camera stabilizing system, recording to a Sony HD-cam SRW recorder. The Viper camera was mounted on Alan Padelford's high-speed camera car for the running sequences. A Steadicam was utilized for the end sequence of the two motorcycle riders. The entire piece was shot in one day.The Ducati 1098R is a superbike of astonishing performance. The bike is capable of 0-60mph times of less than 3.0 seconds and top speed is estimated at 180 mph. Ducati won the 2008 Superbike World Championship with its 1098R, along with the 2008 British Superbike Championship.






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