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FREEDOM - Captain Charlie Plumb

 This piece Directed by Patrick Finnegan of Finnegan's Wake Films, and was commissioned by the United States Naval Academy Class of 1964. It features Captain Charles Plumb, who in 1967 was shot down while flying his Phantom F4B over North Vietnam, then imprisoned and tortured for five and a half years. He was later released and continued his career as a naval officer. He is now an inspirational speaker, and continues to fly recreationally. The piece is intended to be shown to the Navy Midshipmen in training to be officers at the US Naval Academy, to inspire in them the qualities of honor and proper leadership, befitting an officer in the United States Navy. I shot the piece with Patrick Finnegan, all the while in awe of Captain Plumb, as he told his story.   Dolby Laboratories graciously donated the use of the shots of the AT-6 aircraft in flight, which I also shot for a project of theirs.


Director: Patrick Finnegan

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