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Bill Bennett, ASC was the Cinematographer for this montage of shots created for the advertising agency RPA, for their client, Honda of America. The footage was shot in the Paso Robles and Santa Ynez areas of the central California coast. 


The cameras used were the Arri Alexa Plus with Angenieux zoom lenses for all of the camera car work and shots from the sides of the road, along with a Canon 5D MkII, used only for the macro rig shots of logos on the cars. 


Representing the advertising agency RPA was the VP Julie Estes, as well as Executive Producer Steve Tom, and RPA Producer Tom Denne.  My Producer was Loren Nielsen of Entertainment Technologies Consultants (ETC), Production Manager Michael Rodriguez and Production Coordinator Christel Cornilsen. 


Camera Car Industries provided the Porsche Cayenne camera car with an arm mounted in the center of the roof, which was used for all of the running shots. Color timing of the footage was done by Bob Festa of New Hat, (now with Company 3).


Cinematographer: BILL BENNETT, ASC

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