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Bill Bennett, ASC was the cinematographer for this Honda CRV commercial. The Director was Ben Go of Brand New Shoes. Though it may look like a CGI car, we actually shot the real automobile, as a one-take 30 second shot, on a set constructed on the runway of Santa Ynez airport.


The camera was the Arri Alexa, mounted on a Flite Head, which was in turn mounted on an 360˚ arm car. The car drove across various surfaces, starting with wet, them moving to light snow, then heavy snow, as we tracked along with the camera car. Our camera position relative to the Honda was all very carefully choreographed, so the timing of the finished spot would be correct. Then, Brand New School created the effect of the falling rain and snow, created the distant background scenery, and added the calendar overlay to complete the spot.


Director. BEN GO

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