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Bill Bennett, ASC was the Cinematographer for this unique commercial for Lexus. Gary Johns of Johns + Gorman Films was the Director. Long before the current "Russian Arm" cars were invented, we created a way to make a continuous 306 degree move around a car, while driving along at 60 mph. Alan Padelford, the camera car builder and driver, took his low and fast car he built for "Days of Thunder", and welded a crane mounting point in the center of the roof. To that we mounted a modular length Chapman Lenny Arm, assembled with equal length, front and back of the pivot point. To that we mounted the gyro-stabilized Spacecam ball, normally used on a helicopter for aerials. Ron Goodman was the Spacecam operator, and Kevin Ward was the Camera Assistant. John Stabile was the Key Grip, standing on a circular deck around the camera car, pushing the arm around by hand.

Director: GARY JOHNS

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