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LEXUS - 'Longing'


Bill Bennett, ASC was the Cinematographer for the commercial for Lexus. Richard Blair of Complete Pandemonium was the Director. The commercial is a mix of live action shooting of the car, the bear, and the eskimo man, combined with CGI ice, snow, and water elements. All the actual photography was done in a parking lot, against a blue screen background. We built icebergs that would support the car, and would float on air bearings, so they would allow the grips to realistically float the iceberg through the shot. The bear was an actor wearing a polar bear suit. It was the middle of summer, so the actor wore a water-cooled suit under the bear costume. The "bear" was so believable, passers-by were amazed that Richard our Director would be brave enough to walk up to and talk to the bear, giving the bear directions, and then were even more amazed when he yelled "Action", the bear would flawlessly do it! i seem to remember that Rhythm and Hues was the post effects company.

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