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This is the end-title sequence for the documentary film, "Wild Eyes - The Abby Sunderland Story." Produced by WorldWind Productions, Bill Bennett, ASC was the cinematographer, along with Kees van Oostrum, ASC and Joey Julius. Six months after her rescue in the southern Indian Ocean, during her solo round-the-world sailing attempt at the age of 16, Abby was invited by the owner of the magnificent Open 60 class sailboat named "O Canada," to sail for two days with his crew while they trained to campaign the the boat in a series of upcoming races. The footage from those two days of shooting became the end-title sequence of the documentary about her journey to sail around the world. 



The Open 60 class sailboats are designed to be sailed, single-handed and nonstop around the world in the annual Vendée Globe race. "O Canada" was being sailed with a multi-person crew for the upcoming series of races, but they did give Abby the opportunity to handle the boat entirely by herself for about 15 minutes 


The music is titled "Good Day" by Sarah Kelly, Ekman Music, and is used with permission.

The cameras used were Sony EX-1, Canon 7D, Canon 5D, and GoPro HD. Additional camera crew for the rest of the film included AC Christel Cornilsen and Alecia Varela.




Cinematographer: BILL BENNETT, ASC

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