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Waiting for the right moment to pull the trigger on a sunset shot of a Robinson R44 taking off. Camera: Arri Alexa 4:3 Plus, Lens: Angenieux Optimo 17-80mm, Leader LV5330 Waveform Monitor — at Torrance Municipal Airport.


Here is a "blast from the past." This is me and my good friend Janice Kirk working on my first student film project, back in 1971 while I was attending Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas. I am holding a Nikon Ftn. We shot both stills and 16mm film for a "multi-media" project where the images were projected on the 5 exterior sides of a rear projection screen covered 8-foot cube, with the audience of 4 or so people seated on the interior carpeted floor.

Bill Bennett shooting his new Arri Alexa digital cinema camera, with a Zeiss VP-2 29-60mm T2.2 lens. The latitude and colorimetry you can achieve with this camera, even recording to the internal SxS cards using ProRes 4444 and Loc-C is quite remarkable. Photo: Abby Sunderland


Bill Bennett and crew shoot on the ground as Thom Cox shoots from the air. Dodge, Idaho, Summer 2001. Photo: Brad English


Bill talks with Doner Producer, George Keri about an upcoming shot with the Auto-robot Arm and Flight Head, (also known as the "Russian Arm" even though it was invented in the Ukraine), in Arizona while working on a Mazda job. September 2002. Photo: Ambar Capoor

Bill Bennett and precision motorcycle driver, Rick Miller with Sparrow Head mounted on bike.


Bill Bennett shooting BMW in Mammoth, CA, from back of snowmobile. Jan 2002 Photo: Brad English

Bill Bennett shooting the Sony F-35 digital camera which has a PL mount and a single super-35mm size sensor chip. That's a 12:1 24-290mm T2.8 Angenieux Optimo lens mounted on the the camera. Photo: Pat Paolo

Bill Bennett with an Arri 435, shoots from a camera car, Mojave Airport, CA, Spring, 2000. Photo: Michael Helms

Prepared for the blast of the sunset's light and the helicopter's dust, DoP Bill Bennett and 1st Assistant Craig Devereux line up a shot with the Canon 150-600mm lens. Photo : Brad English




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